Generic relations

First, you need to register an autocomplete class for autocompletes on generic relations.

The easiest is to inherit from AutocompleteGenericBase or AutocompleteGenericTemplate. The main logic is contained in AutocompleteGeneric which is extended by both the Base and Template versions.

Generic relation support comes in two flavors:

  • for django’s generic foreign keys,
  • and for django-generic-m2m’s generic many to many.

autocomplete_light.ModelForm will setup the fields:

Those fields will use the default generic autocomplete class, which is the last one you register as generic. If you want to use several generic autocomplete classes, then you should setup the fields yourself to specify the autocomplete name as such:

class YourModelForm(autocomplete_light.ModelForm):
    # if your GenericForeignKey name is "generic_fk":
    generic_fk = autocomplete_light.GenericModelChoiceField('YourAutocomplete1')

    # if your RelatedObjectsDescriptor is "generic_m2m":
    generic_m2m = autocomplete_light.GenericModelMultipleChoiceField('YourAutocomplete2')

But please note that you will loose some DRY by doing that, as stated in the faq.

Example using AutocompleteGenericBase

This example demonstrates how to setup a generic autocomplete with 4 models:

class AutocompleteTaggableItems(autocomplete_light.AutocompleteGenericBase):
    choices = (

    search_fields = (
        ('username', 'email'),